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Per Hour
Position range in Rhode Island $18.58 - $27.10 Per hour
Police Communications Dispatcher Town of Little Compton Occupation: Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatchers
Location: Little Compton, RI - 02837 Positions available: 1
Job #: 820439
Updated: 11/16/2018 Expires: 11/15/2018
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Job Requirements
Job Properties
Job Description
16-1.17   Public Safety Dispatcher
Summary: The Dispatcher receives all oral communications from the public and law enforcement personnel coming into the police station. By following established procedures and employing common sense, he/she transmits request for service to the appropriate location. The employee is responsible for operating radios, computer equipment and telephones for the purpose of receiving and sending messages to police, fire and ambulance personnel.   
General Duties and Responsibilities:
  • The employee shall keep and maintain a computer log of all telephone and radio calls, and of all persons entering and leaving the police station. When appropriate a description as to the nature of each call will be included. Should the contact be the basis of a complaint the employee will generate a computer record with the necessary basic information, if an officer is given a complaint to handle the officers badge number and name will be assigned that record.   
  • Dispatchers will from time to time be given records to be entered into the computer during his/her shift.
  • In addition to the police files the Dispatcher will maintain files for the Fire Department, Animal Control Officer and Harbormaster as the Police Chief shall designate.   
  • The employee on duty each night at midnight will change the computer daylog record of that date so as to reflect the next date as of one (1) minute after midnight. The first record to then be entered will be that of the Duty Schedule of Officers and Dispatchers. The employee will then print out the computer record of the day log.   
  • Dispatchers will learn the 10/Code System and when appropriate will use it for radio transmission. This system contains codes for licenses and registration checks to NCIC (National Crime Information Center) checks. Employees will acclimate themselves with these codes so as to become proficient in obtaining the record information and relaying same to the officer making inquiry. All license, registry and NCIC records printed out will be saved for that officer.   
  • The Duty Dispatcher will at all times know the identity of the officers on duty and their car assignment. This is to be made a record of the log. As changes are made throughout each shift it will be reflected in that log. Dispatch employees are responsible for entering their own date and time on and off duty.   
  • In the event that Fire/Rescue personnel leave their station unmanned and Dispatch is so informed the Dispatcher will answer the Fire Department telephone and radio, relaying those messages accordingly.   
Further, it is the duty and responsibility of the Dispatcher to:   
  1. Report any deployment of police officers beyond their regularly assigned routes or sectors to the Officer-in-Charge.   
  2. Inform the Officer-in-Charge whenever a police vehicle is out of service.   
  3. Announce the call letters of the Department as issued by the Federal Communications Commission.   
  4. Be thoroughly familiar with the Department's procedures relating to use of radio and other communications equipment.   
  5. Acquire a thorough knowledge of the location and layout of streets, buildings, and other significant areas of the community so as to maximize the accuracy and speed of dispatchers.   
  6. Respond to all complaints received in a calm and civil manner.   
  7. Be familiar with emergency procedures that relate to matters requiring urgent police attention so as to be capable of activating them immediately.   
  8. Keep personnel who have been dispatched on calls fully informed of all facts affecting the safety or efficiency of their response to the call.   
  9. Inform the Officer-in-Charge when contact with an officer on patrol cannot be made after a reasonable amount of time.     Maintain equipment, especially the emergency call lines, in working order and immediately report any malfunctions or defect to the Officer-in-Charge.   
  10. Record all significant communications as required by current department procedures.   
  11. Answer all telephone calls promptly and respond by stating, "Little Compton Police".
  12. Full time hours -  3 pm to 11 pm, 4 days on 2 days rotation
  13. Part time hours vary.

Employer Research

Town of Little Compton
Is a Local Government employer with 4 locations

Company Profile:

Town of Little Compton, Rhode Island is a coastal community in Rhode Island committed to serving our residents needs. We provide health and safety services through our Police and Fire Departments, Waste Management needs through our Dept. of Public Works and municipal records needs through our Town Hall staff.

100-249 employees

Location/Work Site Information
Compensation and Hours
Salary Range: $18.77 (minimum) Will discuss with applicant Not Available Other Benefits: Benefits offered for full time positions only. Full or Part Time: Full and Part Time Positions Job Duration: Over 150 Days Type of Job: Regular
Shift: Other, see job description
Hours per Week:
Hours Vary

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Work Experience
Education and Training
Skills Required
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Other Skills
Special Software/Hardware skills needed: No
Other specific skills required: * High School Diploma or GED required
* Ability to manage, prioritize, in a fast-paced and demanding environment
* Typing experience highly recommended
* Ability to work independently with limited direction and instruction within the scope of assignments
* Excellant interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills
* Must be able to take initiative while paying close attention to detail and completeing all follow up required

Specialized Job Requirements
Test Requirement: No test required - Reference Checks
Driver's License Required: Yes, Operator License.

Occupation Information
  Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatchers
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